Working With Your Swing

At golf school we don't want to give you something we have, we want to reveal something for you that you already have. Our professionals work within your natural ability to develop your golf swing to reach your goal - lowering your score and playing more consistently.

Fundamental from the start, then simple adjustments to fit you

You start with the fundamentals. First we get you on video for swing analysis. You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your swing and develop a plan specific to you. Then you work on getting setup and aligned properly. Your instructor, after seeing your swing on video and on the practice facility, will work to get you in the best setup position. Remember this is your swing. All the adjustments made will attempt to match your natural ability.

Improve ball striking with your swing

Now it's time to work on your swing, immediately focusing on striking the ball well and consistently. You will learn to hit the ball first and ground second and to get the club face square at impact. There will be some trial and error while your instructor helps find the right adjustments. Once you start to GET IT, meaningful repetition under the guiding eye of your instructor will reinforce improvement. You will leave golf school hitting the ball further and straighter.

Knowing your swing and learning how to self correct

Not only do you get the golf instruction needed to hit the ball straighter, further and more consistently than you ever have, but you will also learn why and where the problems and breakdowns occur with your swing. Through video, plenty of meaningful repetition and the wisdom of your instructor you will leave golf school with a better understanding of how to fix things when it starts to go bad. And the personalized take home CD of your instruction will be there for you, with the sound of your instructor's voice giving you guidance long after you've left golf school.

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