Specialty Golf Schools

Specialty Golf Schools Just for You

Learn, practice and improve your golf game with players just like you. Specialty golf schools group together players at the same stage and same skill level of the golf learning process. From beginners to advanced players, you can improve your golf game in a group setting with golfers sharing your skill level and abilities.

Choose a Specialty Golf School

Beginners Golf Schools - A curriculum designed specifically for new players and those who have only played a few times. It covers the basics of the golf swing, rules, etiquette and navigating the golf course.

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Women's Only Golf Schools - Taught by LPGA professionals, the Women's Only schools enable women to learn the game in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment.

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Advanced Player Golf Schools - Designed for golfers of advanced skill level, speciafically indexed at 12 or lower. You learn shot making, course strategy and how to be your own instructor by forming an well examined understanding of your golf swing.

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