Returning Golf School Students

Many of you are in professions that require re-certification or continuing education to maintain your skills at a high level. Educators, physicians, attorneys, accountants and business people all attend seminars throughout their careers to broaden their knowledge base.

Number of Times Attended Savings
2nd Time 10%
3rd Time 13%
4th Time 16%
5th Time and beyond 20%

The same is true in golf. Touring professionals are continually taking lessons and working on their game to give themselves the best opportunity to compete and succeed.

With that in mind, Ben Sutton Golf School has initiated a Graduate School Program for its students. And, with it comes rewards. Enjoy the benefits of continuing your Ben Sutton lesson plan where you left off the previous year, and save each time you return to Ben Sutton. Plus, you get first choice of sessions when registering for the new school year.

Update Your Personal Information

If you've attended the school in the past we have information on file for you, but depending how long it's been the information may not be up to date. Click here to update your personal information on file with us.