Golf Setup, Alignment & Pre-shot Routine

More bad things happen with a golf shot before you swing the club. It's true. Ask any golf professional or the top players at your club. They will tell you. Or watch the tour players. Each player will do a little something different, but individually each goes through their routine before they swing the club. And often what you don't see on TV is the player's caddy standing behind her helping get the shot lined up. Everyone needs help lining up shots.

The most important shot in a round of golf is the next one. And the pre-shot routine helps you get set up properly and line up properly. It also helps you focus on the shot before you make a swing - helps you focus on what you want to do with the golf shot, not worry about what's going to go wrong with the shot.

Setting up to hit a golf shot

Fundamental to the game of golf, yet one of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects, is setting up properly. At golf school you'll learn these key elements of a good setup: grip, posture, foot placement, body alignment, ball position, hand, and arm placement. But every golfer is different and no two swings are alike. At golf school we apply these fundamentals to your golf swing. Get these things right and your balance, ball striking and consistency improve immediately. You'll learn it at golf school.

Lining up a golf shot

The idea of it seems pretty straightforward. Stand behind the ball, pick a target in the distance then find a spot immediately in front of the ball (between 6 and 24 inches) on the same target line. Now you have to get your feet, knees, shoulders and club head lined up to the target.

This is where it gets tricky. From your address position you tilt your head to take a peek at your target and the problems start. It just doesn't look right. It's an optical illusion. Your eyes tell your brain that you are not aimed in the right direction. This spells disaster for the upcoming swing. Your brain will take over and force you to make a swing to where it thinks you should. The results... A bad golf shot.

At golf school you will learn a simple method to line up your shots correctly. One that you can repeat consistently and will give you the confidence to make a swing on the correct target line without your mind playing tricks on you.

Pre-shot Routine

Once you setup properly and get lined up to the target it's time to put it all together and establish your pre-shot routine. Establishing a routine enables consistency, confidence and keeps you tuned in mentally. At golf school, with the guidance of your instructor, you'll establish routine that works for you.

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