Personalized Golf Instruction

From your first swing to your last at golf school, the golf instruction is personalized to fit you. Before you start school, you complete a 5 minute pre-school questionnaire. The questions are about your current golf game and goals for improvement. This information is used to design an instruction and practice plan specifically for you. It's important to us to learn what you want out of your golf school experience before you start swinging the club.

Get to know your instructor and vice versa

All of our full length schools start with an opening night dinner. You meet your golf instructor and the other folks in your group. Not only is time spent discussing golf and what's in store for you during golf school, but you get to know everyone. It helps provide a more relaxed learning experience. And your golf instructor gets to know you, what makes you tick, and what you really need to do to improve. You also eat lunch every day with your group and instructor too.

One instructor for you

The instruction programs at Ben Sutton do not move you from station to station learning different shots from different professionals. You do learn and practice putting, chipping, bunker shots, short game, mid irons and the long game at different stations on our practice facility. But you do it with the same instructor. Your instructor, who gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and develops an understanding of your golf swing and the adjustments you need to make to improve.

Personalized CD for you to take home

Many schools use video golf swing analysis as part of their programs. Very few send you home with all of your video analysis on a personalized CD. It features all of your video instruction, narrated by your golf instructor so you don't have to feverishly take notes and worry about missing any of the important information. It's an invaluable tool, enabling you to go back and refer to everything you learn about improving your golf swing.

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