Learn on the Golf Course - Strategy & Course Management

Every single day of instruction includes time spent of the golf course.

In fact, the very first thing you do on the first day of a school is head out to the course to get your swing recorded for golf swing video analysis. The initial video is taken on the golf course because that is where your real golf swing can be seen. Most of us can get into a groove on the practice range and eventually put together a series of good swings. But your swing on the golf course tells no lies. It is your golf swing.

Reinforcing your learning on the course

Your instructor will help you 'put it all together' on the golf course. All the elements of your golf instruction will be reinforced with each hole you play, each swing you make. From set up and alignment to making a good swing - your instructor will guide you through each hole, maximizing your skills and abilities to slash strokes off your scores.

Planning and executing golf shots

Playing lessons each afternoon will provide you the course management skills to navigate a round of golf better than ever. Your golf professional will teach you to plan shots that align with your golf swing and abilities. And you'll be put in the position to execute the golf shots that will improve your game and lower your scores.

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