Golf Swing Video Analysis

Video technology in golf instruction is a great visual learning tool. And it is an important component of your instruction at golf school. You still must work on the fundamentals of a good swing and practice in a meaningful way, however. Video instruction alone can never replace meaningful repetition on the practice facility.

What video does is enable you to see your swing and the areas you need to work on. It's a tool that leads to better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your golf swing. We want you to know your swing, what you need to do to improve and what those things look like.

Video taken on the golf course

Your real golf swing is the one you take to the golf course. Standing on the driving range, taking swing after swing, most of us can get into a groove and put together a few really good shots. But that doesn't paint the picture of your real swing. That's why on the first morning of the first day of school you get recorded hitting golf shots on the course. We want to begin working on your real swing from the start.

See your swing before and after

After we get you recorded on video on the first day of school you spend time in the video studio with your instructor analyzing your swing and putting together a plan for you. Then you head out to the practice facility and work the plan, getting the guidance and meaningful repetition needed to reinforce your improvement. But it doesn't end there. Throughout your instruction time video will be taken periodically to note your improvement and to continue to plan for even more improvement.

Personalized CD of your instruction

All of the video instruction concerning your swing is recorded and a personalized CD is produced for you to take home. Narrated by your instructor, all the adjustments made to your swing to help you improve are on the CD. It's an invaluable tool, enabling you to go back and refer to everything you learn about improving your golf swing.

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