A Testimonial from a Golf School Student

Golf School Experience of a former Ben Sutton Golf School Student

I attended the April 13-15 3-day school in Florida last year (2009) and haven't written back until now as I wanted to see what my results would be after attending the school and playing a season. What a difference! I dropped 7-10 strokes for an average round and made the JV golf team at my high school as a freshman. While playing with them I became a top player and even played with Varsity for one of the matches. After shooting a season low 34 for a nine hole match, I knew that the golf school had really worked! Plus, the Varsity coach and players are looking forward to me joining them for this up coming season.

I know I certainly couldn't have had such a successful season without the help and advice I received at Ben Sutton. Gregg Gamester was my instructor and I could not have found a better one. He was able to help me with an imbalance issue in my swing I had had for years prior, and helped me fix it for the season in only 3-days! However, I saw the biggest improvement in my short game. I was finally making those once dreaded 3-footers, and for once had confidence in my stroke. Even better, I was able to get up and down from around the green. With adjusting my wrist hinge and controlling my lower body movement I was able to nail it close most of the time, and I was still in a make- able putting range when I missed. I made my first ever eagle this year, too, when playing in a match where I nailed a 30 ft pitch shot over a bunker. I even had some of my competitors wondering how I was able to always get it so close, but I know without going to Ben Sutton I never would have gotten to this point.

One other thing is the take-home video...it's a great tool! Throughout the year when I felt something wasn't right I could look back on it and see exactly what I was doing wrong. I could then correct my mistake easily as Gregg gave me a complete breakdown of my swing. Plus, I'll have his advice with me for this year when I starting playing again regularly.

Overall, my experience at Ben Sutton was outstanding. All of the staff was friendly and helpful (especially Ashley), and my group was great and supportive even though I was the only teenager. I couldn't have found a better pro than Gregg as he was knowledgeable and a great teacher to learn from. I'll continue to recommend Ben Sutton and I am looking forward to coming back soon! Thanks again for a great time!

Mark Komives