Golf School for Women

What is the Women's Only Golf School?

The Golf Schools for Women schools provide a comfortable, non-intimidating learning environment for female golfers of all skill levels. It's a school that is similar to our standard golf schools. The major differences are the school groups are only for women, the curriculum is refined to teach specific techniques for female golfers and it is guaranteed to be taught by an LPGA professional.

Golf School for Women Curriclum

Here's what you'll learn at our Women's Only Golf Schools.

  • The Fundamentals. Set up, alignment and the basics of the golf swing. While the basic techniques of a golf swing are similar for men and women there are subtle differences because of ladies' build and muscle structure. And there are fundamentals, as women, you need to focus on more to build a consistent golf swing.

  • Golf shots. Tee shots, woods and irons from the fairway (and the rough), pitching, chipping, bunker shots & putting. Not only do you learn the shots, but you get the practice repetition that helps make it stick.

  • Navigating the golf course. First you learn the basics of the golf swing. You get plenty of practice and repetition. Then you go out on the course with your instructor and learn to apply it. While on the course you'll not only learn to play golf, but the rules and etiquette of the game will be taught too.

  • How to Practice. Simply learning how to swing a club doesn't make you a golfer. Similar to anything else, once you learn you have to practice. At the Beginners School you will learn drills & techniques enabling you to work on your skills and improve.

Women's golf schools are offered in 3 or 4 day formats at our Florida golf school location. Read on for the dates and rates.

Women's Only Golf Schools Dates & Rates

For each class date below, only one school group (5 students total) is offered for Golf Schools for Women curriculum. Other standard schools may be held during the scheduled class date, but rest assured, if you sign up for a Women's Golf School you will be grouped with ladies only. The Women's Only Schools are offered one week each month in 3 or 4 day schools starting in February 2012 and ending in May 2012. No additional costs for this specialized curriculum. Check out the dates below.

Women's Only Golf Schools Dates 2012

February 12-16 - 4 day school
February 16-19 - 3 day school
March 11-15 - 4 day school
March 15-18 - 3 day school
April 15-19 - 4 day school
April 19-22 - 3 day school
May 13-17 - 4 day school
May 17-20 - 3 day school

Golf Schools for Women Rates 2012

The price for Women's golf schools are the same as our standard schools. You can attend as double occupancy, single occupancy or commuter. See the rates for: 3 day golf schools, 4 day golf schools.