Florida Golf Vacations... Why Come to Golf School Now?

Vacations are good for you. Good for your health by reducing stress. Vacations can strengthen the bond with your family and friends. And come on... A Florida golf vacation. Even better, a Florida Golf School Vacation. Good for anyone crazy about this game of golf.

You're thinking about it. Here's a little nudge.

Reasons for You to take a Florida Golf School Vacation Now

  • Average temperature around the 70's °F (mid 20's °C). Still plenty sunny during the day and cools off at night. And the nasty humidity drops quite a bit too.
  • Rainy season is over, and so are most of those crazy hurricanes.
  • Off-season rates in the Tampa area for food, lodging, entertainment are lower. Take advantage.
  • Golf courses aren't as crowded. Snow birds haven't migrated south yet.
  • Your kids went back to school, so should you.
  • Sneak in a vacation before the holiday season stress begins.
  • Looks like fall arrived early this year. Get another dose of sunshine before the weather really turns bad.
  • Bring the family to Florida for the holidays and golf. Let someone else cook for your family.
  • The wife & kids can enjoy Busch Gardens, the Children's Museum, MOSI, the Florida Aquarium, Disney World, etc. You can golf all day.
  • Your golf season is over, ours isn't.

Those reasons may have been obvious. We just wanted to remind you.

Now these reasons, these are why you should come to golf school to improve your golf game.

Improve Your Golf Game with a Golf School Vacation

  • Be proactive. You just came off a summer in which, hopefully, you played a lot of golf. You have a good idea of your problem areas or what you want to improve. Come work on them now.
  • Get the tools you need to improve now. Let our instructors teach you drills and exercises, geared to your swing, to advance your improvement over the winter.
  • Take your learning home. Boost your practice and preparation to hit the ground running when your golf season begins.

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