Golf Schools in Florida, New York & Mexico

Florida Golf Schools
Spring & Summer Golf Schools Await You

Spend a few days improving your game. It's a great way to kick off your golf season, not to mention provides you some well deserved R & R.

No cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all golf instruction methods

Our approach to golf instruction is a comprehensive one. You become a better all-around player. You learn to strike the ball better and hit it further and straighter. But shaving strokes off your scores and playing more consistently is about more than just hitting the ball better.

At golf school you improve your overall golf game - improving your set up, alignment & pre-shot routine, learning to strike the ball better with simple, fundamental adjustments to your swing, and you learn to plan & execute shots on the course.

How the golf school does this for you is straightforward... First we record your swing on video. Then your instructor identifies what you need to work on and puts together a plan for you. After that you head to the practice facility to work your plan. And each afternoon, after plenty of meaningful repetition on the practice facility, you go to the golf course to put it to practice.

Video - Plan - Repetition - Golf Course.

After golf school you take home the confidence to play a round of golf with any of your friends or playing partners. You'll be playing with the consistency you crave and see your scores get lower and lower.

And you improve with your swing. No total swing reconstructions at the golf school.

Golf School is Not All Work & No Play

The goal is to improve your golf game. To get you playing with more consistency and lower your scores. And you will leave the golf school a better all around golfer. But it's not all work and no play. Each day you get time to socialize with the folks attending the school with you at lunch and dinner. After class each day you can elect to play more golf and work on what you learned or relax a bit and share a cocktail and a few stories with your schoolmates and instructor.

Golf Schools in Florida & New York

Have fun in the sun at one of our Florida golf schools south of Tampa or take your golf vacation to the Catskill Mountains for our New York golf schools. Practice facilities at both locations enable you to learn and practice real golf shots. And both have golf courses ready to challenge you.